15" Touch Server

Embedded Automation Server & Interface

The Embedded Server is the centre of the Automation network - housing all the data including macros, logic and interface information in one slimline recessed wall mount unit.

The Embedded Server can react to events generated from any IR, RS232 or TCP/IP input - RTI, Philips TSU9600 or NevoSL remotes, Clipsal C-Bus, Dynalite, AV receivers, multi-room audio keypads, security PIRs & reed switches, and more.

Product Highlights

  • Fanless, embedded, integrated Embedded Server & Interface
  • Logic and macro engine across all connected devices
  • Bi-directional control of lighting and power control systems including Clipsal C-Bus and Dynalite
  • Audio visual integration via Ethernet, RS232 and Infra-red
  • Security & access control integration via Ethernet with Ness M1/Easy 16/Easy 8
  • Display security camera and intercom audio/video feeds from DVR, IP cameras and video switches
  • Control, record and distribute audio and video content around the home from PCs, Macs and NAS


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