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Home networking, often referred to as “smart wiring”, is the cabling infrastructure that delivers your Internet, free-to-air TV, pay TV, DVDs and telephone throughout your home. We live in a demanding world packed full of information, entertainment and communication; all of which plays a vital role in our busy day-to-day lives. Home networking ensures that all of these technologies can be utilised right throughout the house, therefore maximizing the potential and value of this feature rich content.

Ultimation Home Networking

Keeping families connected - How many times have you heard “Mum, she won’t get off the phone and I need to make a call”? Or what about this beauty “He’s been on Facebook for hours – it’s my turn!”.

Put a stop to those frustrating household arguments once and for all with Ultimation Home HUB®. The ultimate in home networking technology, which keeps your family connected to home communication devices all at the same time and avoids any unnecessary niggling amongst the kids.

Perfect for large, or busy families, Ultimation Home HUB allows the kids to research school projects on the net in the study while you spend up big on Ebay® from your bedroom; or your partner can be watching the sports highlights in the shed while the kids play with their latest games console in the family room - everyone is content. Whatever you want from your home networking, you’ll certainly be impressed with what Ultimation Smart HUB has to offer.

Hate tripping over messy cords?

Say goodbye to messy cords draped across the floors. Ultimation Home HUB home networking keeps your home neat and tidy, as it is pre-wired during the building Ultimation Home HUB home networking process so your TV, data and phone outlets are fitted straight into the wall - just like a power point.

Altogether, this provides you with a great networking solution that will add significant value to your house. Incorporating a Ultimation Home HUB home networking system into your building plans makes it possible to distribute TV, phone and data to any room of your home, removing any unnecessary cables and providing you with the ultimate in convenience. Designing a home office, an entertainer’s paradise or simply a home that is versatile and safe?

Added Security

If you have a surveillance camera at your front door, you can watch it from any TV connected to the Ultimation Home HUB system. It is just like having another channel to watch. You may be upstairs and the doorbell rings, but it’s a bit late for visitors. Turn to the surveillance camera channel on your TV and see who it is without getting out of bed. Or use the TV outlet in the baby’s room to set up a camera. It makes a great monitor, so you can watch the baby from any room with a TV connected to the Ultimation Smart HUB system and it can be removed at any time.

Remote control access

How do I control my DVD, Pay TV and video in the other rooms without going back to the lounge room? With the Ultimation Home HUB system you can remotely control all of these things from any other location in your home fitted with a Clipsal Remote Control Target. This target, combined with an emitter lead in your lounge room, can change the device you want to control. Simply use all the functions of the remote control as if you were in the same room as the device you are controlling.

Picture perfect TV in any room

Have multiple TVs in your household? Ultimation Home HUB allows you to watch TV, videos, Pay TV or DVDs in any room of the home at the flick of a switch. And because it all runs off the one network, it means that you only need one central DVD player. Better still the picture quality of your TV won’t diminish, no matter how many TVs you connect.

Multiple-user Internet access

The Internet provides a wealth of information and with Ultimation Home HUB you have the flexibility to distribute broadband connections to multiple rooms. It can even network computers together for gaming and sharing printers or scanners. Fast, reliable and easy to manage, this flexible cabling system is like the data networks used in businesses.

Separate phone lines

Ultimation Home HUB provides multiple phone lines, ideal for including a fax machine in the home office or to give the kids some privacy by having a separate line in their bedroom.

Structured Cabling

We understand that for various reasons it may not be convenient for you to settle on one particular technology or product at the commencement of your project. If the build time is considerable there will generally be ample time to research this as the project starts to come to a close.

However it is important that the correct cabling is put into place during construction. For a fee, Ultimation will design a structured cable layout which will allow you to implement the technology you require either at the conclusion of the build or at some future stage as the need arises. We can install these cables for you during the early building stages, or you can hand them on to your electrical sub-contractor for them to look after.



Installing a Home Computer Network is no longer only necessary if you intend to have multiple computers in the home. For many years A/V components have incorporated micro-processors, and now these components are also becoming networkable. Blu ray players carry a function called BD Live where information relating to the movie is accessed on-line. Flat screen TV’s and DVD recorders can access online content. Apple TV and streaming products such as Sonos opens up access to a vast store of online content. In fact the days of listening to a CD or watching DVD’s are limited – soon most of our listening and video watching will be done on-line. For this to be possible you will need a very robust network system, preferably hard wired, and extending to any area of the home where you feel you will want to access you entertainment, either now or in the future.

The obvious time to install a network, or at least the cable necessary to install a network at a later time, is when your home is being built or renovated. Retro fits are very messy, very expensive, and in many cases, incomplete due to restrictions imposed by existing structures.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Wi-Fi is going to be the answer here. As we progress with more sources that demand internet access the limited bandwidth of Wi-Fi will quickly reach its limitations.

There is no substitute for cable.

A future-proof Smart Home

Future-proofing adds value to your property - with rising energy costs, future-proofing your home for energy efficiency makes good financial sense.

Choosing the right electrical, lighting and heating solutions, as well as appliances can reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills. Your investments in energy efficiency will not only make your home more comfortable to live in – the added value will make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

We live in a digital age, are you digital ready?

It is not uncommon for families to have more than three televisions in the one household. Many of which, now also enjoy the benefits of the digital age for entertainment and education. Digital TV has many benefits over the old analogue system, including a sharper picture, clearer sound, wide screen viewing, extra channels (including radio channels) and electronic program guides; the list goes on.

Ask yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to move into my new home and have perfect picture quality in every room from day one?” Or, let the kids have their own phone in each bedroom. By having your digital cabling installed during the building process, it allows you to move in and start enjoying the full benefits of your TV, Internet and phone being completely accessible straight away. No mess, no fuss and no need to organise another contractor to come in later when you’re already settled.

Pssst, don’t forget the antenna!

Most homeowners presume that when they build a house the antenna is organised by their builder. This is not the case and is frequently a product that gets overlooked on the checklist for electrical items.

Don’t settle for second best. When installing your TV’s cabling take the initiative to include a high quality digital ready antenna. Not only can you enjoy perfect reception immediately, but you can also avoid the hassle of having to re-cable later on.


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