Wiser Home Control

Take control bysimply being Wiser

Clipsal’s new C-Bus Wiser Home Controlmakes technology in your home easyby providing seamless control of music,home cinema, air conditioning, lighting,sprinkler systems, curtains and shutters,security systems... you name it.

You get the same look and feel foreverything, any time, anywhere; froma light switch, a touch screen, a homecomputer, or even from your flat screenTV, as you’re about to watch a movie.

You can turn on your air conditioner fromyour mobile phone on the way home, orcheck that everything is turned off overthe Internet when you get to work.So take control and enjoy every minuteof your life by simply becoming Wiser!


Surround yourself with peace of mind

Safety and security are the two key qualities that will ensure you achieve all-inclusive peace of mind in every corner of your life.

Because Wiser interconnects your lights, alarms, webcameras, mobile phones and the internet, you can livelife safe in the knowledge that your home and family areprotected at all times. If your alarm does activate, Wiserwill turn on your lights to deter any would-be intruders andautomatically send you a priority email alert.

To make doubly sure everything is OK, you can even checkyour web cameras via your mobile phone or computer. Ifit’s a false alarm, simply turn off your lights and reset thealarm. It all adds up to a whole lot of peace of mind andvery little disruption to your day.



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