Home Energy Control

With Energy Management from Ultimation

Control your water tank distribution, for either garden or mains use according to time of day and day of week.

Control your usage and display all power consumption within the home enabling easy tracking patterns for energy use throughout the home. Set the most economical schedules for your home and customise your usage on a day to day basis to take advantage of off-peak power periods. Customise particular metering for the heavy power products around your house such as pool heating, air conditioning and slab heating.

Renewable Energy

Reduce your energy costs and save money
With generous government rebates on solar systems, rising energy costs and the falling cost of solar technology, solar energy solutions in the home are within reach of many households. And they make economic sense.

Solar energy systems are solid investment that pay for themselves in a very short period of time.Not only will a UltimationSolar Solution provide the home owner with free electricity for decades to come, but also add value to the property, slash energy bills and reduse greenhouse gas emissions.



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