Controlled Lighting

Live in a home of the future, today.

Lighting control is a fundamental part of any home automation system, providing some of the most user-friendly, convenient benefits including an “all off” button that can turn every light off from next to your bed, or a “welcome home” button that can be operated by remote control in your car, turning on garage, pathway and hallway lights. There are also many energy saving benefits to be gained from lighting control systems including utilising sensors and timers to turn off lights automatically, and dimmers to reduce the amount of power consumed.

Lighting control system allows you to control the lights in or outside of your home, office or anywhere you have lights. With the touch of a button, you can turn lights on or off, dim lights, turn on fans, even schedule when these events take place and more from a centralized control. There are many applications for a lighting control systems, and when combined with a home automation package offers convenience, comfort and energy savings.



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